Relever le défi d’un rendement à long terme

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les Verts contre les investissements de la caisse de pension dans les énergies fossiles

Débat entre Boris Calame, député Vert au Grand Conseil et auteur de la motion, et Olivier Ferrari
RTSR - Forum de vendredi 31.03.2016

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La nouvelle Revolution Économique

Préface du Professeur Olivier PASTRÉ

Livre d'Olivier Ferrari

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L’important défi des années à venir

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Institutional clients

Portfolio of methodology

Financial advisory services and qualification of investment advisors have been, historically, an integral part of CONINCO Explorers in finance SA activities. Thanks to its vast technical expertise and more than twenty years of experience in these fields, we are able to offer to our institutional, our private and philanthropic investors a unique portfolio of methodologies.

These methodologies enable investors to better understand their own needs and objectives, to define the framework of their commitments, to gage in a precise manner the potential risk/returns of their positions and to evaluate the different possible investment scenarios with the aim of optimizing their returns and limiting their risks.

CONINCO’s two major preoccupations

Our advisory process is motivated by two major aims:

  • to remain true to our explorer’s mindset by finding new investment solutions
  • to develop new tools for optimizing our understanding and mastering of returns and risks