Relever le défi d’un rendement à long terme

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les Verts contre les investissements de la caisse de pension dans les énergies fossiles

Débat entre Boris Calame, député Vert au Grand Conseil et auteur de la motion, et Olivier Ferrari
RTSR - Forum de vendredi 31.03.2016

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La nouvelle Revolution Économique

Préface du Professeur Olivier PASTRÉ

Livre d'Olivier Ferrari

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L’important défi des années à venir

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We offer you a unique vision which is the legacy of a long tradition of private wealth management coupled with solid experience in institutional management. CONINCO’s knowledge and know-how take into account your needs and expectations in respect to the sustainability and development of your assets.

Institutional management
The LPP concept of CONINCO Explorers in finance, La Performance Prévoyante (Long-term Pension Plan Performance), offers institutional investors the opportunity to have a unique portfolio of methodologies which allows them to keep careful control over the investment strategy planning cycle, management of assets, monitoring of investments, follow-up activities and overseeing progress made by the company’s professional pension plan scheme.[more]

Responsible Investment Solutions
Since 31 December 2012, our company has been approved by the FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, as Authorised asset manager of collective investments, pursuant to Articles 13 et seq. of the Collective Investment Schemes Act, CISA (LPCC).
Our approach is to allocate assets to management which applies either active or passive methods in line with a carefully pre-defined style, philosophy and criteria. To this end we have developed a precise selection and allocation process which is based on our unique approach of diversification of methods and management style.[more]

Wealth management
Private management is the consequence of and not the need to generate new wealth. Mastering an investment profile allows us to define a personalized strategy which will ensure the safeguard and enhancement of your wealth while respecting your personal requirements. Our approach is to select and apply certain investment solutions in order to manage assets in line with a precise style, philosophy and methodology.[more]

CONINCO Explorers in finance SA is certified ISO 9001:2015 for the companies’ financial and advisory services. The ISO certified services include: management monitoring; follow-up and surveillance; allocation of assets and wealth management; qualification and allocation of managers; management of investment funds of the type funds of funds.

Another certification, ISO 14001:2015, for financial advisory services: administrative activities linked to the provision of a variety of services and for socially responsible wealth management; the creation and promotion of socially responsible investment funds of the type funds of funds; the qualification and allocation of investment managers; administrative activities linked to the provision of a variety of services.